Minggu, 05 Juni 2011


when i get time to realize what im doing now, its really make me thinking about 'where is your heart?', "are you still in the same line?', "are you walking, running or stop in this movement?'.

its really checking my heart.
sometimes i need people to understand what is in my mind, so they doing what i want and not He want.
its really hard to be a leader, but im not give up, im still learning. 
when im learning, so everything can happen right..??
im chossing a wrong decisions, im get mad with someone or anything.
but we need to have humble heart to forgive, to say sorry, and for changing.

so life is longlife learning.
you cant stop learning if you want to get better and better.

when you are in the middle of learning dont be afraid for something..!!
lets learn..!!! 

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